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Ethereal__u is a contemporary brand created in the aesthetics of Yi-Ting Lu, who spent two years studying fashion and living the lifestyle in London, UK. 

The adoption of the word ethereal is inspired by a quote in a book called The Dharma Bums, “Believe that the world is an ethereal flower, and ye live.” The definition of ethereal is extraordinarily delicate and light in a way that seems to be surreal to the world, which embodies the concept of our clothing.
Lu represents the founder’s name. In combination of the ending letters of Ethereal and the beginning letter of Lu, the word REAL stands out as it also represents the brand value of dressing in a way of your true self. 


“Real you, Real Lu.” 
We exhibit an understated luxurious lifestyle that aims to empower women in a mindful way of living and dressing to express their true identities. We believe a luxurious lifestyle is not just about price tags, but a state of mind that celebrates sustainability, affordability and expressiveness. 
We hope to inspire every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin and break out of the confinement by gender norms. We encourage women who enjoy a gender-neutral concept and hope to provide a platform that enhances their effortless yet classic styles.